Article: Part 2 of 4: New information from the medical field about how to avoid the Covid-19 virus:


Second – get adequate sleep and fluids (non sweet is best)

When the body gets dehydrated or does not get adequate sleep (typically 7+ hours) the body gets stressed and increases inflammation. This stress inflammation throughout the body hinders body communications and functions. Often this results in feeling hungry, especially for carbohydrate foods such as chips or sweets. This happens with lack of sleep or fluids!

Our bodies cannot distinguish from needing more fluids or food until you are dehydrated and by then it takes much more fluids to bring us back to homeostasis (normal hydration). Try to drink a glass of water (8-16 oz) with meals and between and you should be fine.

The best fluids for our bodies is the non-sweet ones – flavored seltzer water with ice and citrus slices or herbs; any teas (herbal have many flavors), black coffee (try mild roast), water (hot or cold) plain or with fruit slices.

We are wired to crave sweet, salty and fat foods and to not move much. It saved the caveman from starvation and extinction – and now we live in abundance!

Lays says it best “you can not eat just one” which is true for “sweets want more sweets” as well as “sitting wants more sitting.”

To sleep better, exercise more daily. Our bodies are made to move. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to joint and muscle-loss problems as well as blood clots. “Use it or Lose it” and find some activities you can enjoy daily.

Also – the latest news reveals this virus my increase blood clotting – resulting in problems with organs’ microscopic functions – lungs, kidneys as well as heart attacks (blood clot in artery to the heart) and strokes (blood clots in the brain). A good way to avoid blood clots/strokes is to be active, exercise daily and drink plenty of non-sweet fluids, keep hydrated!

Please wear a mask for others as they wear one for you.

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