Article: Part 4 of 4 New information from the medical field about how to avoid the Covid-19 virus:

Fourth – And lastly, other foods which help keep our immune system strong are the phyto-nutrients like anti-oxidants and poly-flavonoids in vegetables and whole grains. This also includes green tea, ginger, garlic, probiotics in fermented foods like half sour pickles, sauer kraut, kimchee, yogurt or bleu cheese. Select the ones you enjoy, add more variety to your diet!

These foods work by improving our gut-biome. Those good bacteria in our intestines do so much more than keep us regular. Research is finding this community can regulate our hormones, create and help us absorb helpful nutrients, improve our sleep, reduce cholesterol, reduce stress and even moderate our fat production to balance our weight. These good bacteria work to keep our bodies in a healthy balance.

There are also the unhelpful “bad bacteria” that we take antibiotics for to fight severe infections. The bad bacteria thrive when our bodies are in stress. Certain foods are shown to make these bad bugs stronger as well. These include the preservatives, added sugars and artificial colors of processed foods, artificial sugars (all of them) and processed meats.

These foods enhance the body’s stress from limited activity, poor sleep, increased mental stress and dehydration or lack of nutrition.

Please take care of yourselves especially during this time of the world-wide Corona pandemic.

We wear our masks for others as they wear their masks for us.

As the NJ governors says “Let’s reduce the knucklehead activity out there, folks” and wear our masks outdoors as well.

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